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2003 Harley Softail


2003 Harley Softail

Here are some of the basic facts about the Harley Softail for the Harley Davidson motorcycle buff who don't already know. Harley introduced the name Softail to the world back in the 1980's as a way to describe the hidden suspension on the bike. The word softail ultimately wound up being used as an adjective describing any bike with a hidden rear suspension, but I believe HD Motorcyle actually trademarked the term. The Softail, though looking more like a hardtail, can absorb road shock as good as any bike out on the road today. It maintains that signature Harley Davidson hardtail image while providing the rider an experience that is much easier on the back. Please rate this 2003 Harley, bookmark it for voting purposes, or post a comment using the box below... Ride Safe...

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