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Eevl Knievel Personal Harley


Eevl Knievel Personal Harley

This is Evel Knievel's personal Harley Davidson motorcycle photographed in a casino in South Dakota.

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  1. Evel is a motorcycling legend for sure. He actually started out riding Triumph motorcycles before switching to a better designed and lighter weight Harley.

    Comment by Sal - posted on 03/30/2013
  2. Harley is one of best looking bikes aruond and fast enough´╗┐ to have fun. If you want to be nervous fly like biker and ride ricers go ahead I respect that. People please stop about how fast bike is and so on. Speed kills you and although you think you are the man to go 250 km per h you are not. Cool is 100 km per h with wind in your face and enjoying the ride. All bikers ride safe

    Comment by Vorica - posted on 05/08/2013

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